Gauri Kund

Gauri Kund - the highest fresh water lake in the world, at 18,536 ft (5608m), lies just after crossing Dolma-la - the highest point in the Kailash parikrama route.

Gauri Kund is also called the lake of compassion as referred in the Shiva Purana. This is the setting for the legend of Parvati and how Ganesh acquired his elephant head bathing in the emerald waters of the Kund.

Parvati fashioned an image of Ganesh from the soap suds on her body, breathed life into it a placed it at the entrance of her home to prevent anyone entering. Lord Shiva happened to return at this point of time and was stopped by Ganesha. Indignant at this affront, shiva cut off the head of Ganesha. Parvati was inconsolable and insisted that Ganesh should brought back to life. Shiva took the head of a wandering elephant and placed it on the body. Life was restored and Parvati had her son back.

Water of this lake - Gauri Kund, is frozen for over half the year, are credited with great powers of fertility for women.