Holy Mount Kailash - Mansarovar Yatra

Q. 01 How many days required for Mt. Kailash Yatra?

  • 10 days by Helicopter via Nepalganj/Simikot
  • 14 days by road (Ex Kathmandu via Zhyangmu) using Landcruiser/Van/coaster/Mini Bus depending on group size and your requirement.
  • 18 Days Holy Kailash – Mansarovar Yatra with Lhasa

Q. 02 How we will be doing 14 days Yatra?

A. 14 days Kailash – Mansarovar Yatra by Landcruiser/Van/coaster/Mini Bus depending on group size and your requirement.

  • Kathmandu to Kodari (Nepal - Tibet border) by tourist bus.
  • After immigration formalities enter Tibet and meet Tibet Guide and vehicles.
  • Drive to Nyalam passing through Zhyangmu (small city in Tibet Border)
  • 2 nights in Nyalam for acclimatization and then drive Saga/Mansarovar/Tarchen/ Tarboche.
  • Tarboche is the starting point of Kailash Parikrama.
  • After 2 nights/3 days Kailash Parikrama via Dira-puk and Zuthul-puk return to Tarchen and Mansarovar.
  • Next day drive back from Mansarovar/Saga/Zhyangmu/Kathmandu.

Q. 03 In how many days would I finish Mt. Kailash Parikarma and how long it is?

A. Holy Mt Kailash parikarma is approx 35-40 kms trek to be completed in 2 nights / 3 Days. Night camping in Dirapuk & Zuthul-puk.

Q. 04 What is the best time to travel?

A. Holy Mt. Kailash yatra starts in the last week of April till September every year.

Q. 05 What vehicle is used for Kailash Yatra in Tibet?

A. Land cruiser/Van/coaster/Mini Bus depending on group size and your requirement.

Q. 06 What category of hotel used in Kathmandu?

A. Usually we provide good 3 star/4 star hotels in Kathmandu.

Q. 07 What category of hotels/Guest houses used in Tibet?

A. Usually we provide best available hotels in Tibet but in most of the places only Guest House accommodation is possible with basic facilities only.

Q. 08 How about food during Kailash Yatra?

A. In Kathmandu all meals (vegetarian) is provided in hotel. And in Tibet, all vegetarian food will be prepared by our Sherpa cook. Only vegetarian food served during 14 days Kailash Yatra.

Q. 09 How about Puja and Pandit?

A. Yatri can do puja after taking a Holy dip in Mansarovar Lake but Pandit is not possible in Tibet. Some of the groups bring their own Pandit OR perform puja on their own.

Q. 10 How, if I do not want to do Kailash Parikrama?

A. If you do not want to do Kailash Parikrama, you may stay in Tarchen or Mansarovar in Guest House for 3 days. After 3 days Kailash Parikrama all other Yatri will return and join you.Sometime our Nepali guide/Tibet guide, due to medical/health reasons, may not allow you to do Kailash Parikrama.

Q. 11 How many days would I need to hire the Yak and a Porter during the whole trip and how much it costs?

A. If you do not want to trek you can hire horse/pony for parikarma. Our Tibet guide will assist you in arranging horse/pony for Kailash Parikrama and you must decide in advance. It will cost approx. Yuan 1500 per Yak with Yak man. (this cost is depending on the availability)

Q. 12 What are the hidden charges i.e. to be paid direct?

A. Additional expenses incurred due to delay, Accidents, Natural disaster & Political action.
Following are the charges not included during yatra.

  • horse and horse man cost (you need during Kailash Parikrama)
  • Travel insurance, drinks, laundry, Telephone/fax, Additional transportation cost.
  • If you are not going for Kailash Parikrama due to any reason and staying back at Darchen for three days, you have to pay extra INR 2000 per day for accommodation and food in Darchen.
  • Airport tax of Kathmandu. To be paid cash direct at the airport while taking return flight.

Q.13 How much money we should carry and in what currency?

A. It is suggested to carry minimum CNY (Chinese Yuan) 3,500 extra money for any emergency.
Exchange rates (updated as on Jan 2013)
INR 100 = NPR 160
INR 100 = CNY 12
USD 1 = CNY 6
In Kathmandu USD OR INR (Indian Rupees) is easily acceptable. (It is illegal to carry Indian Rs. 500 & 1000 denominations)
In Tibet only CNY (Chinese Yuan) is acceptable. You may easily exchange USD or INR to CNY in Kathmandu OR in Kodari (Nepal-Tibet Border).
Most of the yatri exchange their money in Nepal-Tibet border.
Any unused CNY may be re-exchanged in Kodari or in Kathmandu.

Q. 14 Do you provide something?

A. We Provide:

  • Duffel Bag, (may be taken away after Holy Kailash Yatra)
  • Down Jacket (to be returned after Holy Kailash Yatra)
  • Sleeping Bag, (to be returned after Holy Kailash Yatra)
  • Oxygen back-up & Gyamo Bag
  • A certificate of Kailash Yatra Parikrama.

Q. 15 Do you need any fitness certificate from a Doctor?

A. Yes,A fitness certificate, issued by a doctor (MBBS) is mandatory at the time of booking OR 45 days before the Yatra Date. Along with fitness certificate, please also submit:

  • TMT test report.
  • PFT test report.
  • Blood Haemogram.
  • ECG Report.

Q.16 Besides passport what other travel documents required to carry?

A. You need to carry:

  • Valid Passport (with minimum 6 months expiry date)
  • Yatri do not need any other documents. Your Nepali guide will be travelling with you along with group visa/permit for Tibet/Kailash yatra.

Q.17 How about Kailash Yatra on a full moon day?

A. Yes, many people prefer to reach around Kailash on Full Moon day. There will be supplement cost, if you decide to travel on Full Moon Day. Refer 14 days Holy Mt. Kailash Yatra OR Contact us.

Q.18 Can we take children with age group of 6 and 10 years?

A. Yes, can take children (physically normal) along but at your own risk because you know your child health better.

Q.19 What are the precautions taken for the children?

A. You have to take same precautions as you are taking for yourself.

Q.20 Is VISA cost included in the total tour cost?

A. Yes, cost of Chinese Group Visa (Normal Visa)/permit for Kailash yatra is included. However, cost of Nepal visa is not included (applicable for other than India passport holders). Indian passport holders do not need Nepal Visa.

Q.21 Are there any frequent landslides on the way?

A. It depends on weather.

Q.22 Is good sanitation available during the camping days?

A. Yes, toilet tents may be made available.

Q.23 Availability of drinking water on the yatra?

A. Water bottles / pure natural mineral water may be made available.

Q.24 How about digital camera/video camera? How about possibility to recharge the batteries or is there any restrictions to use these things?

A. Yes, you may travel with still camera & video camera. The voltage in Tibet is 220V. Can be re-charge most of the places but may not re-charge during 3 days Kailash Parikrama. It is advisable to carry extra batteries.

Q.25 What about communication possibilities?

A. Now a days mobile connectivity is possible in all the cities upto Darchen (base camp of Mt. Kailash). Besides this our guide will be travelling with local mobile and satellite phones. You may use these phone for personal calls on extra charge.

Q. 26 When we should book the Holy Mt. Kailash Yatra and how?

A. You should book this yatra minimum 45 days in advance.
Booking requirements:

  • Scanned copy of passport (first page & last page with address) by e-mail.
  • Doctor Certificate with TMT, PFT, Blood Hemogram & ECG. (may be submitted 30 days before travel date)
  • 10% of total cost as advance with the passport copy. (non refundable)

Q. 27 How can we make advance payment?

A. Mode of Payment:

  • Pay online by credit card. (contact us for details)
  • Swift transfer/wire transfer. (contact us for Bank details)
  • Cash or Cheque may be deposited in our HDFC Bank/State Bank of Hyderabad within India. (contact us for our Bank Details)

Q. 28 What we must carry?

A. Packing List (Yatries must carry with them)

  • A small day pack. (Back pack for personal items)
  • Enough clothing for the whole Yatra. Do not over load your bag.
  • Any regular medicines that you take
  • Toiletries’ kit (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, towels etc).
  • Water bottle / Thermos/ Flask for hot water (2 liters).
  • Sports shoes & Trekking boots (light weight & comfortable for walking)
  • Woolen socks (around 4 pairs).
  • Wool/thermal long underwear (comfortable dress fo r Parikrama).
Note : Ladies should carry a pair of Kurta Surwal / Pants for the Parikrama
  • Monkey cap
  • Underpants (3 or 4).
  • Gloves. Dust mask
  • Sunglasses.
  • Sun lotion cream. Lip guard
  • Nuts, Biscuits, Dry fruits, Powder juice.
  • Rain wear (Umbrella or Raincoat)
  • Torchlight /flashlight / Candle / Matchsticks
Also advised to bring:
  • Glucose & Electral packets which is good for instant energy.
  • Dry fruits, juice powder, candy, canned or packed food, nuts and biscuits etc.
*please do not carry unnecessary items and/or valuables.

Q. 29 Do you have any age restriction?

A. Yes, as per Chinese authorities Chinese visa/Kailash permit is allowed only upto the age of 65 years.

Q. 30 What is your cancellation policy?

A. Cancellation:

  • Booking amount is non refundable.
  • 30 days before travel date, 25% of the yatra cost.
  • 10 days before travel date, 50% of the yatra cost.
  • Less than 10 days, no refund allowed.

*we must receive cancellation in writing and yatri must receive cancellation confirmation.