Parikarma (Kora)

The Parikarma, or circumambulation, of the natural shrines forms an important part of the journey to Kailash and Manasarovar. The Shiva Purana says: 'There is no sin in the world which cannot be destroyed by circumambulation. Hence, one should dispel all sins by circumambulation alone. The parikrama or circumambulation of Holy Mt. Kailash is a three - day trip, 53 km long, and the most sacred for all yatris. It is performed in a clockwise direction.

Followers of Bon, The Pres - Buddhist religion of Tibet, perform it anticlockwise.

For the Buddhists, the parikrama around Kailash is equivalent to going through a cycle of life and rebirth into a new life. Performed around a central point, the parikrama is also a recognition of the unifying force of the Divine that holds the cosmoses together. It is symbolic of seeing a thing from every side, in its totality.

One parikrama of Kailash is said to erase the accumulated sins of a lifetime, while 108 of these will ensure nirvana or liberation from the circle of life and death.

Mt. Kailash Parikrama Route (3 days trekking details)

1st DAY OF MT. KAILASH PARIKRAMA Tarchen – Tarboche 4750 mtr (13 kms drive) – Dirapuk (4860 mtr) (7 kms trek)

After breakfast drive Darchen/Tarboche – starting point of Kailash Parikrama. Tarboche is also known as outer "Asthapath". At Tarboche you will be meeting your horse and horse man. Walk through uneven landscape as seen in the photograph. This first day of Kailash Parikrama is easy and comfortable. You can cover this 7 km trail in about 7 - 8 hrs (maximum) and reaching Dirapuk. Witness north face of Holy Mt. Kailash. This is the nearest and finest view of Kailash. This is the end of your 1st day of Holy Kailash Parikrama.

2nd DAY OF MT. KAILASH PARIKRAMA Day 10 Dirapuk – Zuthulpuk(4760 mtr)(18 kms trek/9-10 kms) (passing through Dolma-la pass 5,200 mtr)

Today early morning (2nd day of Kailash Parikrama), the most difficult phase of Holy Parikrama. You need to climb Dolma-La – the highest point of Kailash Parikrama and steep climbing through rocky and narrow path. Once you reach Dolma-la-pass, the top most point of your Holy Kailash Yatra, relax for some time and do prayer/meditation to forget yourself and everything. If you do not feel comfortable (healthy), start descending. From top of this mountain you will see Parvati Sthal and Gauri Kund. After about 45 minutes you will reach in the planes and keep walking upto Zuthulpuk. By late afternoon you will arrive Zuthulpuk – end point of your 2nd day of Kailash Parikrama.

3rd & LAST DAY OF MT. KAILASH PARIKRAMA Zuthulpuk–Tarchen (Darchen)(10 kms/4-5 hrs)–Mansarovar (end of Kailash Parikrama)

Morning free time. After hot breakfast start walking to Darchen. Today is the shortest and easiest day of your Holy Kailash Parikrama. Almost walking through planes you will be reaching Darchen. Our people will welcome you at Darchen. This is the end of your Mt. Kailash Parikrama.